Asphalt 8: Airborne Basic Guide

I saved it and was immediately pleased by the graphics (I’m a sucker for graphics). I gave it a spin and I was instantly addicted to to it. In case you are new, Asphalt 8 : Airbone is one of the finest FREE racing games produced and published by Gameloft.

Following spending weeks onto it, I think I’m kinda treated of racing game n00bness (friend claimed maybe it’s the accelerometer) and I think I’m ready to provide a strategy guide for it. While the game is free, it includes in-game purchase options to help relieve frustrations and since I’m a cheapskate, this strategy guide is intended for those who are like me… die-die also will not purchase anything. Which means, this guide will help you play the game without buying any add-ons.

And if you are perhaps not confident with a racing n00b like me, I am hoping the following screenshots will help raise your confidence. I’m currently at 897/900 stars and I have bought all the 47 cars that originally was included with the game. I’m still preserving up income for the brand new cars which they have added.

Basic Tips

Be Common With the Paths
It isn’t nearly speed and skill , but additionally the quickest route to victory. The paths are composed of multiple highways with occasional splits. Therefore, picking the right road to the quickest option may still web you a triumph if you do not have a quick car and your rivals are new to the roads.

Some situations, you can find change channels that may seem to be longer but offers nitro replacements on the way. If you’re able to continually pick up every one of the replacements in that option while on your nitro boost, you may end-up being quicker than utilizing the faster route. So be familiar with all the channels!

Knock’em Down
Collision with other competitor cars is OK in Asphalt. If you can find any rivals facing (or beside) you, attack the nitro and hit them down. Doing Knockdowns will not just decline your rivals down but will even refill your nitro bar.

A very important factor about knockdowns is that the camera angle revolves and if you are perhaps not careful, you could get a wreck when the camera angle maintains next (because you may perhaps not see what’s in-front of you). It is also more difficult to do knockdowns in multi-player.

Hit That Nitro!
Nitro in this game can be refilled quickly therefore don’t stinge on it. Hit the nitro whenever on a straight and in the event that you recognized, even the A.I. visits the nitro at the start of each race. When you yourself have a brief nitro bar, you might want to do small drifts to load it up for an extended nitro boost later. You can also sail by towards inward cars to make Near Skip and that will load the nitro bar as well.

Although it probably a practice to generally go for the Great Nitro, it can be strategic to personally control the nitro boost i.e. L1 nitro when first entering a extend, L2 nitro when tackling the second extend and ultimately, a L3 nitro boost when escaping the extend (i.e. in London). You can also use Nitro to quit out of a drift (i.e. in Monaco).

Get Airborne!
Never stop trying the chance to conduct Flat Moves or Barrel Moves when you visit a ramp. Doing such airborne tricks will quickly support load your nitro bar and in certain phases, make you stars. 2 or maybe more flat moves or barrel sheets are certain to get your Nitro bar fully packed (depending on your car). The trick to obtain additional flat moves is to own your car drifted on a slam at slower-than-max-speed (but not too slow) and the secret to obtain additional barrel sheets is to own your car go off a bent slam at the highest speed (and at the right angle).