It is advisable to invest all your sources on your best 3 heroes so that you may reach larger floors in Infinity Tower, loot more in Reference Loot, get larger rates in Standing Duel, etc. All of which give you great rewards in the extended run.

When you got 3 well-upgraded heroes , it’s clever to focus all your sources on ONLY one hero, creating his/her figures as large as you can. You need to use this large energy hero to distinct strongholds sooner than if you were to spread your sources among numerous heroes. Also, you could get recognized right into a excellent alliance because of that hero of yours.

As rookies, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, spend your few precious lime gear by REFINING! I know it seems seductive, however your gear is more essential right now! Only improve when you yourself have advanced your gear to at the least ★★★★.

When upgrading Hero Emblem, do not hit the “Quick Update” switch as it quickly eats the max possible resources. Instead, don’t be lazy and just manual upgrade it level-by-level. You occasionally get advantage advances from 1.5x to 3.0x if you are fortunate, saving you precious coins and seithr.

It moves without saying that you need to use diamonds infrequently, particularly if you certainly are a F2Per. Save your diamonds and keep your eyes peeled for particular discount events before you spend them!

Save your position coins (obtained from Standing Duel) and don’t spend them unnecessarily! Ultimately position coins are most useful used on lime gear that you might want, not anything else.

Do not increase Gray, Natural and Blue gear if you can help it. There is a handy PURGE feature that enables you get right back 70% of your spent products, but still. Try to increase just Pink or greater, Red gear to save products you’d have wasted from purging.

It is dubious if spending precious Coin and Seithr on upgrading houses is worth every penny in the long term, but it surely is worth every penny in the extended, LONG run, because the updates are permanent. Make the decision your self if you think you should upgrade them early in the overall game, I do believe it won’t make a lot of a distinction sometimes way. Anyway, houses to prioritize are: Hero Tower, Energy Institute, Coin Manufacturer, Seithr Factory. One other houses aren’t therefore worth every penny, ESPECIALLY Skill Institute (seriously, if you spend diamonds getting Skill Points, you oughta hit your self for it!)

Be aware that after in some time, there is an event that provides a discount on 10x unusual Hero Value (from 1988 to about 1500 diamonds). It is likely to be clever to save your diamonds for the big event as opposed to spending them hastily on things you’ll possibly regret. Also, take to to attain a full regular Sign-In attendance because you get a free of charge 10x Value draw within the last day! Why is 10x Value such a huge option, you could ask. As it GUARANTEES you at the least a arbitrary rank50 lime gear in most 10x draw (and a couple of rank45 lime gear also if you are fortunate!)