Dummy Defense Tutorial

Dummy Defense the spin-off of SimplePhysics. Protect your dummy from explosions, boulders, spiked surfaces, and more!

Utilize the blueprints manager to create a structure that will defend your dummy , Melvin, from some random danger. You will have to work with the accessible materials. All of the time you’ll use timber, often you’ll use cement, but you should generally use your most important asset: your brain.

A wise individual when claimed: “An manufacture is somebody who will do for a cent what any trick can perform for a dollar.” In Dummy Defense , your style mustn’t only be solid enough, it should be inexpensive enough to win. Building cheaper structures can make you more stars on a level.

Produce your style in moments with the blueprints editor. If you produce a error, simply faucet the Undo button. Zoom in and out by grabbing the monitor and pan the view using a two hand drag.

While testing, you can see how any risk of strain is spread across your design. Places which are below immense stress are shaded vivid red, while the areas are shaded green. That allows you to find and fix issue areas in your design.

The gradual action slider allows you to gradual things down so you can see how your style is declining, and it is also incredibly enjoyment to view explosions destroying your style in gradual motion.

* Reasonable physics simulation
* Ragdoll physics
* Slow action slider
* 25 levels
* Pressure present reveals issue areas in your style
* Finger Check – smash your style to pieces, or blow it up with practical explosions!
* Save/Load styles
* E-mail your blueprints to your friends
* Universal support for the iPad
* Retina present support
Solution for Dummy Defense

Still taking care of getting 3 stars for the remaining stages. Please share with people when you yourself have a cheaper solution.
Level 1 Tutorial (3 stars)

Protect Melvin from the boulder on the hill.