Game Guide: Escape The World’s Toughest Prison

Escape the World’s Toughest Prison is a mobile escape sport in that you simply have to escape from a prison’s many features, one at a time.

This is a really small sport, with free levels and eight paid levels. If you are new to escape games , I will suggest playing the tutorial. If you inadvertently missed it, just go to the pause menu, tap “perform”, and then choose Level 1 again.
Stage 1:

Faucet on the bed, and then tap on their pillow. The wooden handle is beneath.
Faucet on the seat twice, and grab the claw head.
On your own stock, mix the wooden handle with the claw mind, creating the hammer.
Focus on the reflection, at the top left part of the screen. Use the claw on it, and grab the little crucial that shows up on the bottom of the mirror.
Use the crucial on the quit door, and improve to the next level.
Stage 2:

Focus in on the broom, on the left side of the screen. Faucet it to maneuver and grab the small wrench part.
Focus in on the container, on the proper side of the screen. Get the large wrench part inside the bucket.
Mix both wrench parts to obtain the monkey wrench.
Focus directly into the quit door, on the middle of the screen. There are a few things on their proper, so tap on them.
Take note of the pulling on the bottom.
Stage 3:

Focus in twice on the left trashcan, and tap it to reveal the screwdriver.
Go straight back and tap on the bottom proper part of the screen, to move in on the brown boxes.
Faucet on the left field, and use the screwdriver on the screws. Press the red switch and grab the note inside the box.
Discover the note. It shows a espresso cup, then a trashcan, and lastly a chair.
Faucet on the proper box. It needs a 3-number password. The trace is the note: you have to count the amount of espresso servings, trashcans, and seats on the scene. You can count espresso servings by driving on the chairs. You can find 3 espresso servings, 2 trashcans and 4 seats, so the code is 324.
Get the brown folder inside the field, and notice it to see what’s inside. There’s a pulling with a red up arrow, a red proper arrow, an orange down arrow and a blue left arrow.

Stage 4:

Focus in on the red case and tap it to reveal the little screen beneath.
However looking at the case, tap on the top proper part of the screen to move in on the heater. Get the little silver rings.
Discover the little screen, tap on it to see their straight back, and use the wonderful bands on the dots. Faucet on it again to see the illuminated screen, and take note of the C-shape.
Go straight back and move in on the briefcase, then pick it up.
Discover the briefcase and open it to reveal the tablet. Their code is that C-shape you found on the little screen, so push the groups to produce a C-shape. Take note of the path the weapons are going at: left, proper, and down.
Go straight back and look at the quit door. Somewhat to the proper of it, there’s a grey box. Focus in on it. The trace is the weapons on the tablet. The first arrow must stage left, the 2nd must stage proper, and the next arrow must stage down. Get the key inside the box.
Use the crucial on the quit door, and improve to the next level.
Stage 5:

Focus in on the left orange console. There are lots of essential things there, but for the time being just give attention to the three dull buttons on top. Focus on their hues and buy: a black dull, a moderate dull, and then white.
Focus in on the green filing units on the proper of the screen, and tap the middle proper anyone to open it. Get the energy cord. Then move in on the middle cabinet to input the password. That is the three dull buttons that showed up on the unit! Faucet the buttons to improve their hue, to white, mild dull, moderate dull or dark gray. The top switch should be dark dull, the middle switch should be moderate dull, and the bottom should be white. Get the paper sheets.
Go straight back and move in on the printer. Use the cord and the paper blankets on it, and then notice the sheet that comes out. Only the first page of each name issues: Michael, S, J, E, and P.
Focus in on the password-protected kitchen in the left orange unit and input JPSOM as the password. Get the key.
Use the crucial on the quit door, and improve to the next level.