Saga Go Mobile Review

Saga Go is an Anime Action RPG – side scrolling sport by 4399EN that is also the builder of the popular MMORPG games such as for example Crasher and Raider. A few of its great features are brilliant anime side-scrolling, fantastic mixtures mixture, sweet animals as friend, real-time PvP, multifarious gameplay VIP exp, graft equipment and fashion.

My trip in Saga Go is merely short but filled up with many wonderful experiences. I need to live eventually, just to attain many activities and Supervisor raids schedule. By the way, my in-game name is LuxVeneficus. Hardships are value since every boss raids, I’m next in rank that is Personally i think very happy since I’m not too wealthy participant that spends too much just to be strong.

On line gaming is among my passion. Because 2007, I have played many online games , specially MMORPG, like Great Destiny, GunZ, Reports of Devils and GunBound. And many of these games are on PC platform. Therefore playing Saga Go is my very first time playing online sport on mobile.

The overall game just prices me 50 Pesos fill (if I’m maybe not mistaken), that is my very first time sugar through to an online android sport, to avail diamonds with a lot of freebies included. And yes, I’m persuaded by this sort of deal due to the good offer. That is part of each games ‘strategy to attract many customers, but this assists designers in sustaining a game.

I have decided to stop the overall game since some of my guildmates are moving to newer servers, which I think among the reason that eliminates a game. Nonetheless, my Saga Go knowledge is the best knowledge I have ever endured for an online android gaming.