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School Days Game Guide

Still another fabulous game from MDikie on Android and iOS platform. This time, it’s about school days. This game has various principle that MDickie brought for you, and that’s why it creates that game so special.


As normal, you’d be motivated three various sort of universe. These three world has various charcters inside. These world are Inherit Universe, Produce Universe, and Regain Default. For Inherit Universe, you’d be joining the final world you joined. If you never performed, than you’d be joined the original world that MDikie created. For picking Produce Universe, this would generate a random personality and a additional 10 character. Therefore you may meet more’people’by picking generate Universe. For regain default, this would reset the original MDickie universe. It might be a great new start, because you don’t have to think the wreck you left…

Then, following picking your world, so you will make your character. This time, there’s more choices to create your personality better still, nothing like in past games. You will have to choose one personality that you’d edit. I would suggest you to find the 10th Grade or 11th Grade student. So that you can scholar from school faster. Following you decide, you’d see your character’s complete profile. Now you can revise your character’s basic profile. You are able to change it’s title, sex, age, and height (From x Feet to B Feet). Then you may change your character’s rank in the GRADES Tab. You may make everything to A* or F, it’s all as much as you. End with the levels, let’s go to COSTUMES Tab. There are three choices of costume. The scholar bill is for the school uniform you’d be wearing on school time (when you’re a student). Then you may change your private clothes. This costume will be used when school is up or once you had graduated from school. Then, the final is Instructor costume. This costume can be used if you are currently working as a teacher.

If you wish to pick the body pieces, just faucet on the body part. Then, you can also change the costume’s color by moving those three club above. Remember to push the portion you wish to revise first when you make any changes.

From then on, you’ll now revise your character’s relocate the MOVES tab. You are able to revise how he/she strike, crush, or special moves. Then you would see Stance and go option. This decides how your charcter’s create when he stands or walks.

Then your last is Cultural or sometimes also know as relationship. Here is the first timme you may change your relationship correct prior to starting your career. There are just however 3 alternative you are able to change which will be the Father, Mother, and Sibling. Only faucet on the title to change your dad, mother, or sibling.

Following you are completed with everything, make sure that you don’t miss a thing. Then push Enroll in the most effective left corner.


On the very first day of school , you’d see your personality sitting in the middle of the class. You would see your class teacher presenting you to the class. You would see a number of your pals like and hate you. It’s fine, it wouldn’t be described as a serious problem. You will have to get in that class , named the construction class , daily before 9 am. The educators would just accept half an hour for you to reach your class or they would contemplate you late.

Every class period just takes 1 hour only. Therefore following you’re completed with your construction class , you will have to get to the next class. If you don’t know what’s next, then you will see in which class you’re next correct under the clock. If you also don’t know the class ‘site, then touch the time and you’d see several alternative and pick Map.

Continue joining the classes and soon you have lunch. You are able to get your lunch in the cafeteria. Whenever you enter the cafeteria, your hard earned money will be cut by $5. But that $5 that they get is like the all-you-can-eat fee. You might consume everything but becareful as possible throw-up. Whenever you throw-up, it would decrease you Power and Intellectual by half in addition a minus for your reputation. Following lunch time is finished, keep joining classes. Then following school is up, you then are.


What’s new in School Days is you’ve a spot named home. You would see your family there, as well as your lover when you yourself have one. Your home is found near the Furniture store. If you start by standing in the garden, mind east, and you’d get to the beach. Hold heading east and you’d reach Chinatown. From then on keep heading east and you’d maintain Large street. Do you see a residence? You are able to enter it like everyone else enter different doors. You may rest in your house without everyone worrying you.

Inside your home, you’d also find closet where you’d change your costumes. How? Whenever you enter your home, go to the most effective correct place of your house. You would visit a closet and enter it like if you are entering a door. Remember, you will have to ay for every single clothes you change. you may see your hard earned money left in the down left corner. It would charge $5 for every single clothes you channge.


Still another special feature in School Days is you could enter almost everything. If you are in Large Street, mind east and you’d see several shops which will be Popscene (Music Store), Lawn Sources (Sports Store), and Under Development (Electronic Store). You are able to enter those shops and get what you would like to buy. Only pick-up what you would like to buy. Automatically, the store’s operator would ask you whether you wish to get the one thing you’re keeping with a number of price. you might like to burgain the one thing you’re keeping by rejecting the store’s owner’s price. there’s two possiilities he might go , he’d minimize the price a few dollars, or he can claim that is the cheapest price.

Once you recognize about the price, you may bring the one thing home. If that is a tiny point, you may straight take it home. But when that is a major point, as an example a computer or a Tv, you may however take it home or just put it down and they would offer it for you to your home.

# Money, Money, Money

Everybody knows that you need income to make the earth rotate! When you are however students, you could not make serious number of cash. But that does not imply that it’s impossible. Sweeping a floor is a good way eventhough it just gives a little. You would be compensated $1 for sweeping a floor in a quantity of time. Ensure that you didn’t go or run if you are sweeping the floor. Since once you do, that does not count as sweeping and you don’t get paid.

One other method to make money while you are students is providing a song. When you try this, you need to go to the Music Keep and by any instrument you like, I’d pick Guitar. Then go to the bar. The club is found beside groceries in Chinatown. Once you reach the club, start playing your Guitar by demanding T (Taunt). Then some individuals would spend you $5 – $20 for you providing this type of entertaiment. You may make average of $20 pounds a night. Why just at the club? Since not everybody wants you to enjoy music. Persons would claim “Hello, cut of the infernal racket, this isn’t the full time or place! “.Just in the club people would spend you once you sing.

Still another way to create a large amount of income is by becoming a teacher if you have graduated. You would receives a commission $100 every 24 hours. You would however require to attend classes but you don’t have to do anything. Only sit and go round the class.

The last way is by accomplishing missions. Persons would ask you to do a mission. Whenever you complete those goal, sometimes they would spend you. But that does not generally perform, sometimes they would just claim Thank One to you.


In school , you will have to attend classes. You’re not gonna just sit in your class. Your teacher would ask questions to your classmates and every responses will be written in the board. If you have currently 4 opportunities of answer, you’d be tested. It decides that your rank would increases or down. It’s great knowing the answers. However many people that have various curriculums like the US, like me, you need to study so you’d pass the test. Did I informed you currently that you need to learn 50 pages of publications per day just for you to pass the test? Number? Great, when you does not need to that. Hahahaha… Bad laugh sorry… You will need to learn the publications INSIDE the game. Different color of the book’s cover indicates various lessons. The guide cover’s color is the exact same like the lesson’s class door’s color with the exception of faith that is black. If you don’t have the guide you are searching for, just go to the Library. You would find any type of publications there or in the classes.

Still another ways as opposed to examining publications are by looking the web. You may push T (Taunt) on a computer or a tablet. But using this method takes lengthier time than examining books. For pcs, you may also hack the colleges record even if you can only read those files.

The last way is by way of a pal letting you know the answer. If you’re missing for per day or you miss the whole lesson, some of your pal would tell you the answer or they would ask you to purchase the responses from them. But those responses aren’t generally true. sometimes they would informed you false answers. But that method could be of good use if you don’t have time and energy to make for your test.


Whatever you do inside or beyond your school will be recorded. You can’t run from the crime. Offense indicates taking, starting battles, tried murder, or urinating in public. If you are caught by the offense that you do, you’d be described to the Principal. The simplest punishments given for you is being detention in a class till 9 a.m. The worst is you’re brought back to school. You should start over being truly a scholar, follow classes, and graduate.