Symphogear XD Walkthrough

The extended anticipated mobile phone game will finally be launched tomorrow. If you have actually performed a Western mobage then it shouldn’t be difficult to understand. However for those who do not realize the game aspects and need support moving the possibilities I’ve come up with this little guide.

The basic purpose of the game is to gather personality cards and type a team of 3 characters to used in missions or against other players in the battle arena. The combat process works immediately and the only feedback expected from players is the usage of character’s “Signature Skills” and changing songs to control the increases that your characters get. You will find 2 kinds of cards to gather: Symphogear Cards and Memoria Cards. Each type has numerous rarities from 1 star to 5 star (with 5 being the rarest).

There’s a hierarchy where each kind has opposition and weakness to the others, which changes the quantity of injury they do in battle. Right now the entire process is unknown, but from what’s been revealed we realize that DEX > SPR, INT > STR and TEQ > SPR. The only real exception is EXT types, which are efficient and poor against everything.

Memoria Cards are help cards which can be equipped to characters to improve their figures or give them additional effects. 5 star Memoria Cards also uncover area missions that examine “what-if” cases in the Symphogear universe. Memoria Cards may function any personality, including villains. To collect the cards you’ve to utilize the gacha, where equally Symphogear and Memoria cards are arbitrarily distributed by paying “Tune Stones” which you can buy with real money from the in-game shop but will also be obtainable through in-game rewards via missions or quests.

After you have a team set-up, you are able to embark on missions to play the game. In order to try this you’ll need Activity Factors (AP) which you begin with a group total and gain more as you increase your player level. Once you invest AP to go on a quest it’ll replenish at a group total per x number of time. For instance, 1 AP for each and every 3 minutes.

Okay, that’s the simple overview of how things work. Now let’s enter the better details. Once the game really produces I’m planning to construct anything much more stable, however for right now I’ve translated the possibilities from the preview develops they’ve revealed up to now to simply help give everybody else a spot to start.

The only real other issue that can be achieved during battle is changing the productive singer. The smoothness with the term “SING” above their face is the existing singer, and by choosing still another personality face you are able to change the tune and activate the result on your complete team. There’s a 70 second cool off ahead of the singer could be transformed again.