School Days Game Guide

Still another fabulous game from MDikie on Android and iOS platform. This time, it’s about school days. This game has various principle that MDickie brought for you, and that’s why it creates that game so special. # STARTING YOUR CAREER As normal, you’d be motivated three various sort of universe. These three world has various … Read more

Heroes Evolved First Impression

Looking for a Mobile Legends option? Try Heroes Evolved , a twist of DOTA 2 and League of Legends. A fast-paced Android MOBA Sport just like Mobile Legends. Heroes Evolved can be an android MOBA game by r2games and among the fastest MOBA game gaining recognition in the Philippines. The same as Mobile Legends , … Read more

Guide for Mobile Legends

That Mobile Legends guide is intended for newbies or beginners, as well as advanced participants who are seeking some information. To familiarize Mobile Legends , it is essential to learn each details of the overall game, their various game settings, the people, skins, emblems, abilities and gears which will help you endure most of the … Read more

Blek iPhone Game Review

Do not have I really performed an iOS game that is as sophisticated and unique as Blek is and, amongst every one of the faceless, duplicate puzzle games that swarm Google Play and the App store, this user-friendly brainteaser stands apart vividly. The game is excessively simplified and requires whole benefit of touchscreen engineering where … Read more

Freaky Dragon First Impression

Freaky Dragon is definitely an endless runner sport wherever, primarily, you will be forever running, or flying, to another end of the screen as you dodge obstacles, avoid the prime and base layers of the screen and grab fantastic eggs. The philosophy is simple and, overall, the gameplay has some fun aspects as you not … Read more