Freaky Dragon First Impression

Freaky Dragon is definitely an endless runner sport wherever, primarily, you will be forever running, or flying, to another end of the screen as you dodge obstacles, avoid the prime and base layers of the screen and grab fantastic eggs. The philosophy is simple and, overall, the gameplay has some fun aspects as you not … Read more

Dummy Defense Tutorial

Dummy Defense the spin-off of SimplePhysics. Protect your dummy from explosions, boulders, spiked surfaces, and more! Utilize the blueprints manager to create a structure that will defend your dummy , Melvin, from some random danger. You will have to work with the accessible materials. All of the time you’ll use timber, often you’ll use cement, … Read more

Mobile Game Review: Machinarium

Machinarium is just a place and click challenge sport wherever you take control of a small, unassuming robot in an automatic society that’s prey to a bunch of antisocial thugs. What brings this sport besides the opposition is most definitely its artwork model, only look at those screenshots, it’s a lovely sport that perfectly portrays … Read more


It is advisable to invest all your sources on your best 3 heroes so that you may reach larger floors in Infinity Tower, loot more in Reference Loot, get larger rates in Standing Duel, etc. All of which give you great rewards in the extended run. When you got 3 well-upgraded heroes , it’s clever … Read more